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Sack Fabric (Price per meter)

Sack Fabric (Price per meter)

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The Saco fabric, which stands out for its balanced composition of 50% polyester and 50% linen, which gives it a unique texture and notable resistance. With a generous width of 330 cm, this fabric offers ample possibilities for interior decoration, allowing you to create curtains and blinds with an elegant and natural drape.

The inclusion of lead in its composition ensures greater weight and stability, ideal for curtains that require impeccable draping. Although it is not fireproof, its low shrinkage in both weft and warp guarantees durability and maintenance of size over time.
This fabric is a versatile option that combines the beauty of linen with the practicality of polyester, perfect for interior design projects looking for a touch of sophistication without sacrificing functionality.

Price per meter.

Technical data:
Composition: 50% Linen, 33% Polyester.
Width: 330 cm.
Weft shrinkage: 0.006%
Fireproof: NO.
Lead: YES.
Use: Curtains.

Washing conditions:
DO NOT use bleach.
Washed at 30º.
Spinning not allowed.
wash drain
Gentle cleaning with PERC.
Ironing at low temperature (110º).
Dryer not allowed.

Color tone may vary slightly between different batches of dyes.

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