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My Dakar Rug

My Dakar Rug

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My Dakar, Obsession's ecological teppich, is more than just an ornament for your home. This versatile tapestry not only beautifies your interior space, but is also environmentally friendly. The perfect combination of sustainability and style makes My Dakar an exceptional choice.
Eco-Friendly: My Dakar is designed with environmental awareness. It is made from recycled materials and is a sustainable option for your home.
Indoor and Outdoor: This tapestry is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether in your living room or on your terrace, My Dakar adapts to different environments.
Sophisticated Style: With its elegant and modern design, My Dakar adds a special touch to any room.

So why not give your home a touch of sustainability and style with My Dakar?

Suitable for outdoor/indoor use

Data sheet:

Height: 10mm
Weight: 1,400 gr/m2
Composition: 100% Polyethylene

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