Luxaflex Silhouette Curtains

Elegance in its purest form

Showcasing pure elegance, Silhouette® curtains capture direct sunlight and delicately transform it into soft, diffused light that creates beautiful, peaceful lighting effects.

Extraordinary lighting control

The construction of the soft, rotating Silhouette® fabric slats gives you the freedom to create countless different environments. Simply tilt the fabric slats to allow more or less light to enter and, in this way, enjoy natural lighting.

Solar protection

Just by choosing Silhouette® curtains, you will ipso facto reduce the heat that penetrates a room by 25%. As? Thanks to our special protective fabrics, capable of diverting and weakening the sun's rays. In fact, with all slats closed, you will enjoy 99% UV protection that will help prevent fading of furniture, carpets and floors.

Unlimited possibilities

Wide range of colors and finishes


Luxaflex®'s super-stylish Silhouette® curtains are highly versatile, making them the perfect solution for all the windows in your home, thanks to a wide range of slat widths to suit all styles.

Always in the shadow

Go for UV protection that does not hinder visibility and is ideal for large windows.


In general, to keep Silhouette® Curtains clean, it is enough to regularly remove dust with a duster or vacuum cleaner on LOW setting. Dirt and almost any stain can be removed by soaking the curtain in water with a mild, non-synthetic detergent. It is important to always avoid getting the head wet.

Next, rinse the curtain with water and let it hang to dry completely with the slats closed. Never iron Silhouette® Curtains. Except in the case of 'Bon Soir' fabric, the cleaning of the curtain can also be entrusted to a professional cleaning company (with ultrasound). If necessary, contact your supplier. These recommendations have been written with the greatest care. However, we do not assume any responsibility for the results of the cleaning tasks.