Luxaflex Duette Curtains

Saving energy with style

Original Duette® Shades are as incredibly stylish as they are energy efficient – ​​enjoy stunning designs and colors with a unique honeycomb structure that will help insulate your home all year round.

Exclusive design for windows

Duette® curtains retain air inside to keep heat at bay in summer and prevent it from escaping during winter. Enjoy ideal comfort all year round and reduce your energy bills.

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Manual or motorized system?

There are so many different systems to enjoy simple, smooth and comfortable operation of your curtains that we are convinced that you will find the perfect solution for your home.

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Unlimited possibilities

Wide range of colors and finishes

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SmartCord® Control

Our exclusive design incorporates a retractable cord that allows you to raise or lower the curtain without leaving any unsightly cords hanging.


Our LiteRise® cordless system allows you to push up on the blind to open it and pull it down to close it. Plus, your product will stay at the exact point where you drop it.


The Luxaflex® Pleated and Duette® Shades fabric cannot be removed from the header or track. To prevent your curtains from getting dirty, you can regularly remove dust with a duster or a portable vacuum cleaner on minimum power. In case of stains, we advise you to remove them as soon as possible with a soft sponge and warm water, possibly with a detergent for delicate fabrics.

Attention : Pleated fabrics with a metallic back and Duette® black-out fabrics (metallic on the inside) should not be cleaned with water to avoid damage to the metallic coating.

The other fabrics can be washed by submerging them with their rail in a bathtub with water. The head, with its cord brake, should NOT be submerged in water.

Follow the following steps:

  • Fill a basin or bathtub with warm water (30°C) and add a tablespoon or capful of a mild detergent.
  • Open the curtain and immerse the fabric in the water, keeping the head out (motorized models only).
  • Avoid folding the fabric and respect the free fall of the folds, moving the curtain slowly in the water. Stains can be removed with a soft sponge.
  • Remove the curtain from the water (tilt the fabric, this way the head and rail will remain upright) and rinse both sides of the fabric well with the shower to remove soap residue and dirt.
  • Raise the shade carefully, pulling on the cord and holding the head in your hand. Squeeze the head and curtain rail once it is up to remove as much water as possible.
  • Mount the curtain on its clips.
  • Raise and lower the curtain completely 2 or 3 times, so that the folds take their shape.
  • Raise the curtain to a height of about 30 cm and let the fabric dry in this position.

If you do not have a large enough basin or bathtub, the fabric can be cleaned with a sponge or rinsed in the shower. Occasionally, the curtain can be taken to a specialist company that has ultrasonic cleaning facilities.


These tips have been written with great care. However, we cannot accept claims about the final result of the cleaning.