Tendencias 2023 en decoración del hogar.

2023 trends in home decoration.

Home decoration is a reflection of our personality, our tastes and our lifestyle. For this reason, every year new trends emerge that invite us to renew our spaces, adapting them to the needs and preferences of the moment. In this article, we present the main trends in home decoration for the year 2023, according to the opinion of expert interior designers and designers. These are the keys that will mark interior design in the coming months:

1. Nature as the protagonist

One of the clearest and most consolidated trends is the one that seeks to bring us closer to nature, both in materials, colors and prints. Wood, wicker, rattan, linen, cotton and other natural fibers are the favorite materials to create warm, cozy and sustainable environments. Earth colors, from beige to brown, including tiles, copper and ocher, will be the predominant palette, along with greens and blues that evoke the natural landscape. Vegetable, floral and geometric prints will also be present in textiles, rugs, wallpapers and paintings, bringing life and freshness to the rooms.

2. Curved and organic shapes

Another trend that is going strong is that of curved and organic shapes, which break with the rigidity and linearity of previous designs. Sofas, armchairs, tables, lamps and other furniture elements are softened and rounded, creating a feeling of movement and dynamism. Oval mirrors, round coffee tables, mushroom or globe-shaped lamps and cushions with irregular shapes are some examples of this trend that seeks to bring fluidity and harmony to spaces.

3. Warm minimalism

Minimalism continues to be a very influential trend in interior design, but it is nuanced with touches of warmth and personality. It is about creating simple, functional and elegant environments, but without giving up comfort and well-being. To do this, basic pieces are combined with details that add character, such as vintage, artisanal or handmade objects. It also plays with textures, contrasts and lights to create cozy and sophisticated atmospheres.

4. Dark and intense tones

Although light and neutral tones continue to be a safe bet to create bright and spacious spaces, dark and intense tones are also gaining ground as an option to give personality and depth to rooms. Black, anthracite grey, chocolate brown, maroon or bottle green are some of the colors that dare to dye walls, floors, ceilings and even furniture. Of course, always combined with lighter tones or with metallic elements that provide shine and balance.

5. Lighting as a decorative element

Lighting is a fundamental aspect in home decoration, since it influences the atmosphere, comfort and functionality of spaces. In 2023, lighting will not only fulfill a practical function but also an aesthetic one, becoming another decorative element. The lamps will have original and striking designs, with geometric or curved shapes, with natural or metallic materials, with neutral or vibrant colors. Indirect or ambient lighting will also be used, with LED strips or candles that create light and shadow effects.

These are some of the home decoration trends for 2023 that experts propose. Of course, the most important thing is that everyone adapts their home to their taste and personality, creating spaces that make them feel comfortable and happy. Do you dare to renew your home with these trends?

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